How does a membership work at Dance For Your Pole?

With a membership:

  • You can choose which day you want to book a class, 7 days a week.
  • You are in charge of spending your hours.

Memberhships are for the following classes: Poledancing, Strip Plastic, Cardio Twerk, Twerk & Dancehall, Soca, Bachata, Vogue,  Chair-Dance, Flexibility Classes, Aerial Hoop, Handstand, Acro Dance Flow, Boxing, Boxing girls, Power & Flexibility.

For Aerial Silks Classs you will need a Class Package.

*If you do not cancel your membership in writing 4 weeks before the end date of the initial contract duration, the membership will automatically be extended for an indefinite period after the contract duration and a notice period of 4 weeks applies.

*Upgrading a membership is possible at any time and this is free of charge.
*Downgrading of a membership is possible, this involves €25 administration fee.