X-Stage verhuur

Do you need a pole dance internship for your event?
Rent the X-Stage today or call us directly!

€ 175 (excl. VAT) for 1 day (24 hours)
€ 325 (excl. VAT) for 2 days (48 hours)
€ 200 deposit per rental.
* rental amount and deposit must always be paid in advance.

The X-Stage can be picked up at our studio. On request, the X-stage can be delivered / collected and built up / completed on location.

Specifications X-Stage Post diameter 45 mm (4.5 cm)
Stage diameter of 1.6 m
Total height 3050 mm (3.05 m)
Stage height of 320 mm (32 cm)
Usable pole 2.68m Extra information:
Weight (approx.) – Delivered in a handy carrying case.
X Stage complete: 70 kg
Main frame: 20 kg
Stage panels: 40 kg
Post: 10 kg